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San Bartolome 

Music, English and Bible Classes


San Bartolome
Music, English and Bible Classes

As our team began to prepare for ministry in 2023, our prayer and focus was turning toward education. We answered the question, "What is the greatest need, second to the Gospel, for the people in Guatemala?" with education. 


 From the time that we arrived in Guatemala, our prayer has been that God would lead us to a village were we could truly start to make an investment in. Over several months, we visited different locations with other ministries and experienced a variety of different ways to conduct outreach. We immediately knew that one of our top priorities would be to offer help to Children and Women through activities, devotions, feeding and medical care. 

We are very excited and thankful that the Lord led us to a little mountainside village called El Astillero. This is a newly 'established' village just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. People have lived here for many years but just recently was it recognized as a official village. El Astillero is home to approximately 80+/- families, and has around 50 children that we are able to minister to. 

Our primary goal is hosting a weekly event/day there to help meet needs, build relationships and share the Gospel. Each week we rotate between an Activity Day and a Feeding Day. An 'Activity Day'  consists of fun games and activities for the kids, a snack and devotional. We have a weekly bible verse for the kids to memorize to help them remember scripture and when they are able to recite the verse, they receive a small goodie bag with candy, snacks, toys and health treats. On a 'Feeding Day' we prepare a healthy meal that morning and delivery it to the village. Once we arrive, there are tables and tents that we setup to serve them a good hot meal and a nutritional drink. Our hope is to provide them with vitamins and a balanced meal that will help promote good overall health. The average cost to host a feeding is $120USD. You are able to help sponsor this by visiting our Donations page and note: Feeding Day on your donation. 

Each day we are there serving the village, we offer free medical care to the women and children. So far our team has been able to offer treatments and checkups from severe burns to a newborn baby. We are grateful for this opportunity and recognize the responsibility that comes along with this type of ministry.  God has provided our team with not only qualified people but hearts full of compassion for those in need. We encourage you to visit our Medical Care page to read more about the care we offer and the list of supplies needed to provide this to the wonderful people here in El Astillero and all over Guatemala. 

Please join us in praying for our friends here in El Astillero; pray that they will know they are loved by not only us but by our Heavenly Father! - Pray for salvation in and through Jesus Christ. 


Join us...


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