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Yes, You Really Can Change

Is a ‘Changed Life’ Really Possible? 


One of the fundamental messages of the New Testament is transformation. Everyone in Christ is a new creation! “The old has gone, the new is here!”

Why, then, aren’t we all experiencing transformed lives? 

There are so many Christians who have given up on the idea of truly changing. They’ve tried and tried. They’re sincere and committed to Christ, but Christianity (the image of Jesus) is “not working” for them.

Is this what you’re experiencing?

• Spiritual fatigue. Your faith has stalled. You’re stuck, not growing, and out of energy. 

• Spiritual frustration. You can’t seem to overcome some private sin, bad attitude or maintain spiritual discipline.

• Spiritual exhaustion. You keep trying to pray more, read the Bible more, serve more, worship more, but it’s not making any difference.

Are you weary of falling short of living like Christ?

Are you wondering, where is the “abundant life” that the Bible promises?

Are doubting the joy and victory are going to show up?

I’m here to assure you that the gospel of Jesus really does change lives! 

Jesus did not come to tell you how to just be the best version of yourself - because the best version of you isn’t good enough. He came to make you new. That’s what you long for deep down in your soul, and that’s what God promises.

But we need to know how to apply His promises and let (Key Word = Let) the power of God work in us.

The apostle Paul talks about this supernatural transformation in Ephesians 4. He teaches us how to participate with the Holy Spirit on a journey that moves us...

⁃ from old to new,

⁃ from ordinary to extraordinary,

⁃ from “I’m only human” to “I’m becoming like Jesus.” 

I encourage you to pray hard and seek this direction for change while studying Ephesians 4.

Because, yes, you really can change!

Yes, You Really Can Change (modified)

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