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Music Academy

BLEST Music Academy of Guatemala is owned and operated by Jose Alex Axpuac. Alex has taught music for over 10 years in the San Bartolome area. When he started the music academy, the main goal was not only to teach students how to play musical instruments, but teach them how to lead worship in their perspective churches. At this time, BLEST partners with over 7 churches throughout Guatemala helping to train young worship leaders. 

The Academy started with only 2 for the first four months but has since seen over 300 students come through the doors for music lessons. There are currently 39 students enrolled learning music with 10 of them who are unable to pay their monthly tuition of $25.00 (per month). 

We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with BLEST and offer a sponsorship program for the students who can not afford their monthly tuition. If you, your family or your worship ministry would like to help support a student, please let us know and we will email you a list of the students who need sponsoring. This way you can personally connect with your student and stay involved with their lessons, receive personalized videos of them learning and practicing, and have the opportunity to send them messages of encouragement. 

- Training Future Worship Leaders Today - 


Another way to support our BLEST Music Academy is by purchasing a t-shirt for $15 - all proceeds go to cover additional costs like building rent, instrument repair, etc.

Click HERE to order your shirt. 

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