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Many people will never understand the challenge of Growing up in a family who lives below the global poverty line. 

Our Child Sponsorship Program is one of the easiest and most significant ways for you to get involved with our ministry and start making a direct impact into the life of a child. 

The unfortunate reality for most children growing up within Central America, especially here in Guatemala, education and dreaming of a future doesn't seem to be possible. Most children do not have the opportunity to attend school. Instead, they start working the crop fields as early as the age of 5 years old. Families wake up with one goal in mind - make enough today to purchase food for tomorrow. Many children miss out on the chance to receive education and healthcare due to this lifestyle. 

For a small monthly donation, you can become the difference in the life of a child. When you sponsor a child, you will offer them a new chance at a better life. 

For just $42 a month you will help offer this hope. Each child within our program will receive the assistance needed to attend school, nutritious meals, clean drinking water, medical care and so much more. This program is a 'direct sponsorship' and you will be able to select the child you wish to sponsor. You will also be connected to your child through quarterly Sponsorship Letters, pictures and regular updates. You can send the child a digital photo of you and/or your family and letters for them as well.

This unique sponsorship model helps eliminate setbacks for every child within the program, allowing the entire community to benefit. 

The best part of choosing our Child Sponsorship Program, you can realistically travel to Guatemala and visit your child in person. 
Are you ready to make a difference?

Starting your Child Sponsorship is simple. Just click the link below to search for the child you would like to sponsor. 


But there is HOPE!


Already a Sponsor? Login here for account information and updates.  

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