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Just ONE dollar can make a difference.

As this ministry in Guatemala grows, so does our need for supporters. We have put together a fundraising campaign that everyone can get involved with. All we are asking is for ‘just one’.

Just One person who is willing to sign up and donate $1 per day, $1 per week or $1 per month. All it takes is JUST ONE.

$1 a month could make a huge impact for the kingdom work. Don’t let the enemy rob you of the joy in giving and steal the opportunity for you to be directly connected to mission work here in Guatemala.

Trust God with that $1 and allow him to turn it into what he would. He can’t use what you aren’t willing to give.


Here is the simple math for which ever option you choose;

• $1 a day = $365 for the year

• $1 a week = $52 for the year

• $1 a month = $12 for the year

All it takes is just one person.

Will you be that ONE?

Our online donation platform allows you to select the reoccurring monthly option — simply click the JUST ONE Donation Button below to sign up today. 

Join us for our ‘JUST ONE’ campaign!!!

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