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Republic of Guatemala
The Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala is definitely what we consider to be our home base. This was the location that stole our heart for missions. Over the last three years, God has opened so many doors of opportunity. We started out just going to known locations to meet any of the needs we could find. Our goal was to use these opportunities to build lasting relationships which in turn would allow us to share the gospel. Entering into 2023, we had a new vision to focus our primary efforts on education. Since then, we are now teaching structured bible classes in public schools, have developed our own homeschool programs for remote families and serve in a local school for missionary students.  

In addition to our educational programs, our weekly outreaches consist of intentional discipleship with the women and children, beginning each bible study with worship and prayer. Our team also host a monthly sports clinic and Church/Pastoral Training in multiple communities within Guatemala. 


The Lord has continued to expand the outreach programs far more than we could have ever imagined. Of course with expansion comes more financial needs. We are currently impacting over 200 families directly. This cost is approximately $3500 per month. If you would like to help provide financial resources towards this ministry, you can donate by visiting our Donations page and give towards our 'General Fund'. 

Please join us in praying for the beautiful people here in Guatemala. Pray they will know they are loved by not only us but by our Heavenly Father! - Pray for salvation in and through Jesus Christ. 


Join us...


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