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House Builds

Living conditions for many here in Guatemala is below the Global Poverty line. There are homes only made from scape materials, dirt floors, no electricity or running water. Because of people like you that can change for families, especially those in remote villages and on the mountainside.

Each home offers 2 bedrooms and a large gathering room. There are also several additions that can be built as well like a kitchen, outhouse, etc.


Help offer 'HOPE' by building a home. Providing a new house is one of the largest gifts you can give a family here in Guatemala. 

Pricing for homes are:

- Normal 20'x20' 3-room home = $3,500.00 USD

- Outdoor 8'x10' kitchen (includes a stove) = $1,500.00 USD

- Additions are also optional to include beds, water filters, etc


Support this ministry today by making a donation through our donations page. Simply click on the button below. 

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