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Journey Bags

bolsa de viaje

White flags signaling extreme hunger began to appear on the streets and in communities of Guatemala during the pandemic in early April of 2020. They have since become common site across the country which is now recognized as the "White Flag Program." They hang in windows or on roofs, have been painted on the sides of homes, and are held in the hands of families afraid that they will go to sleep hungry because they have zero access to food.


The ‘Journey Bag’ Ministry was started by Makenna Hunt in Alabama as a way to
prepare a bag that could be given out to a homeless person. Each bag contains
essentials for them that can be used everyday like chapstick, food gift cards, toiletries,


We have teamed up with her to help provide them here in Guatemala for as little as $10US a bag. The bags will contain some necessities like food and other items that can be used immediately. They can easily be prepared and handed out whenever traveling or during a specific outreach. 

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