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Sports Ministry
Mini-Camps and Clinics

We currently host one Sports Clinic per month. Many of our outreaches focus on supporting children and students in different areas. Everyone here recognizes the game of Soccer (Futbol) as the top sport in Guatemala, so it is a great way to have fun and share the gospel that relates to something they all love. We have also learned there is a lot of interest in basketball and volleyball as well. 

Mission Teams: Hosting a Sports Mini-Camp or Clinic is extremely fun for everyone. We can offer basketball, soccer and/or volleyball. These are usually structured for a single day that consists of 2 separate 2 hours segments (Ex: 10a-12p & 1p-3p). During each segment, you will help teach basic sport skills and drills with an opportunity to share the Gospel after each one. Different groups would offer the mini-camp to specific age groups. The cost for these are very affordable with each mini-camp costing under $100, depending on how many awards you want to give away. 


In partnership with J316 Ministries, you would purchase the Gospel-colored sports balls to be given away for each camp plus a Gospel-colored wristband/bracelet ($1 each) for awards and prizes. All of these resources and more can be found on their website. Just click the button below for more information. 


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