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New Filter System
Water Collection Pond
Waiting in line for water
Ashley - Clean Water Advocate

Providing Clean Water

It is impossible to have and maintain a healthy life without clean water. This is a resource that is in an abundance in countries like the United States but unfortunately is very scarce in many places around the globe. We are currently serving in Guatemala where people in the rural areas depend on streams, rivers and ponds for drinking water - but this parasite-infested water creates health problems and tragically causes the death of 1 out of 20 children before the age of 5. 

59.3 percent of the 18 million people who live in Guatemala exist below the poverty line and just over half (51%) have no sanitation. 

Providing clean water through a 5 gallon water filter system helps bring 'HOPE' to the families who have no other source and can last them up to 10 years. This truly is 'life-changing" and you can be a part of it. Filter Systems cost $45US and you can place a donation for a certain number to be given out by sending it through our donations page by simply clicking on the button below. 

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