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Looking to become an important member of our team here at Hands of Hope? 

As we continue to grow our ministry, we need help from people just like you — people who have a heart for the hopeless and who are willing to be vulnerable and willing to step out of their comfort zone while using their God-given talents to help others.

Our Advocate Program, also known as TeamHope, is searching for individuals who want to become part of something bigger than themselves — a place where they can invest in other people, give hope to the hopeless and ultimately share the Gospel with people all around the world. 

Becoming a volunteer member of TeamHope, you will help advocate (defined as: one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group) for the ministry of Hands of Hope. Our team is developed from people all across the United States who want to help make a difference in other people’s lives.

What will I actually be doing as an Advocate? 

As an official representative, one of the main tasks you will be asked to do is share the mission and purpose of Hands of Hope - while advocating for others to also get involved. 

This would include:

  • Setting schedules to help share the mission and purpose on your social media platforms

  • Hosting fundraising events

  • Personally help build our Sponsorship Program while recruiting Monthly Sponsors or Exclusive Business Partners

  • Helping lead a Prayer Partner Team

  • Search for new ways to help others get involved


Are you ready to become an Advocate for Hope?

Simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button below for additional information.


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