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Political Unrest and Protests in Guatemala

Guatemala is currently experiencing a high-level of political unrest and protests which have resulted in a nationwide 'shutdown'.

Since the elections began this Summer (June 2023), rumors of election interference has surfaced. This has lead to many random and unwanted protests throughout the country. The final presidential votes were cast and collected just a few weeks ago determining a new president to take place in January 2024.

It has become commonly understood that the current administration, specifically some very key roles in government, have started a coup to keep the newly elected President out of office. Due to this, the Guatemalan people have decided to take a stand against a corrupt government. Protest groups begin to form last week with that now escalating to a nation-wide shutdown caused by massive road blocks. As of this week, all major roadways, including the port, have been blocked causing a shortage of produce and petroleum in most cities. All of this has now resulted in grocery stores with empty shelves, school and business closures and more. There are even threats that the International Airport may close due to a lack of fuel.

All of this has been done with a demand for the current president to removed certain government officials from office immediately. The President gave a statement via national television asking the protestors to stop. This only caused more frustration and more blockades. Today the National Police and Government Officials released a statement that force would be used to clear the main routes throughout Guatemala.

It is unknown at this time what will eventually happen. Guatemala is a beautiful country with beautiful people and they deserve better. All we can do is continue to pray for a peaceful resolution to take place. Thank you for your continued support during this time.


Hands of Hope International


Yesterday we shared a post requesting joint prayer for the current war in Israel and the political unrest in Guatemala.

Israel + Guatemala = Needs Our Prayers

"Tonight we ask you to pray with our team and many others around the world at 7:00pm.

Guatemala is experiencing a lot of political unrest with protests and blockades this week.

Israel is being attacked with extreme evil and war at this very moment.

Both are in desperate need for prayer and for God to intervene on their behalf. We trust that good will come of this but desire to see God glorified in all of it".

Romans 8:28

Photos courtesy of social media accounts.

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