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A Sycamore Tree

A Sycamore Tree

There are so many amazing life applications that can be taken from the short ten verses (v1-10).

We often talk about the transformation of Zach from simply encountering Jesus or the intention Jesús had with him in going to his house. Lessons from the mumbling crowd or God’s purpose with planting the tree long before Zacchaeus needed it to see Jesus - and always asking the question, who are we in this story? Zacchaeus, Jesús, the crowd? Or could we be the tree?

The Holy Spirit showed me and challenged me with this thought, “are you allowing your life to serve as well as that tree served?”

Hang with me here. Think about that for a second. This tree was able to completely change Zacchaeus’ perspective towards Jesus.

How many people have had their perspective about or towards Jesus changed because of you?

Everyday we encounter, and maybe are even surrounded by people who are desperate for a better viewpoint on who Jesus is. The choices we make allow us to help elevate others in having a better perspective of Jesus. Likewise the opposite can also happen.

What would our lives begin to look like if we were content to serve God wherever he plants us to simply give others a better view of who Jesus is?

So tomorrow... just remember, you can either be a tree or be the crowd - knowing the crowd was the reason Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus.

Help elevate others above the crowd.

Luke 19:1-10




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