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Defining Moments

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Defining Moments

Scripture Reading: Daniel 1

As a young man, Daniel found himself in a difficult situation—he had been taken from his home in Israel and was forced to live in Babylon away from his family. But it wasn’t all bad. He was chosen to be a servant of the king of Babylon which meant he would be given the best training and education available. It also meant that he would have access to the king’s kitchen for his meals. While being fed the best food in the kingdom sounds pretty good there was one problem; the food that would be served to Daniel was food that God had declared was unclean for the Israelites to eat.

Daniel faced his defining moment—would he bend to the culture and the expectations of those around him? Or would he stand firm in what he knew was right according to God’s Word? Daniel’s response demonstrates how to boldly stand for truth while gracefully disagreeing with cultural norms. In fact, Daniel’s response and the subsequent test proved that God’s way was the best way to live and it changed the attitudes and actions of the people around him.

Our own actions and attitudes in how we engage with culture can have a positive effect on our circles of influence as we seek to live out the Gospel.

When faced with a defining moment will we choose to go along with the crowd or will we stand for what we know is true?

Reflection Questions:

- What are some defining moments you face today in your job or community to either stand firm to what God’s Word says or to go along with culture?

- How can you both lovingly disagree and stand for truth when culture disagrees with God’s Word?

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