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Doors Open... Doors Close

We are excited to share about some of the things that God has been doing over this past year.

I know it’s been difficult for a lot of people with cancellations and abrupt changes. From postponing departure and some big change in plans, we completely understand.

Even though 2020 was very challenging, it brought us a fresh start and new perspective. We began our plans to move to Guatemala in 2019 and with everything that happened last year, God was able to use that in redirection and preparation for us.

After our commitment, we were ready to take off but thankfully the Lord slowed us down so we could start to see His plan and listen to His guidance. Even though our passion was in the right spot, He had to align our purpose. During the delays we begin to see that picture start to develop just a little more clearly.

By the Summertime, we had allowed the Lord to close some doors and open others. One of biggest changes was our location in Guatemala. Through much prayer and conversation, we decided to live on our own and pursue a longing in our hearts to serve in local villages.

This type of outreach is ultimately where we go out to the people and help meet needs. By meeting needs, we make relationships and by making relationships we open up the opportunity to share the gospel.

This is the heart of who we are and why we founded Hands of Hope International.

Trusting the Lord, we moved forward with this intention and then all of a sudden... more doors started to open.

First some really good friends, the Dunn family, decided they would also answer the call to missions and made the commitment to move over and join us. Then during the Fall, after another delay in departure, we were given the opportunity to partner with some friends in Guatemala, Adam and Vilma Clemmons. The Clemmons family have a ministry on the mountain side of San Bartolome called ‘Live Him Loud’ Ministries. This will give us the opportunity to help and learn directly in the area and environment that we feel called to serve and help others.

Finishing out the year, as we prepared to finally leave, God continued to show us multiple mission opportunities and possibilities.

We are so excited to see what all the Lord will do and we can’t wait to share it with you!

All for His glory,

Erik, Amanda, Ellie & JP

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