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Exclusive Partner

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS | We are looking for businesses and individuals (families) that are interested in becoming an ‘Exclusive Partner’ in our ministry.

As an Exclusive Partner:

• You’ll receive behind the scenes access to our mission including personalized messages with videos and photos.

• Free Hands of Hope t-shirt.

• Free monthly gift from Guatemala.

• A Stove Installation and Water Filter in dedicated In your name.

• Provide a family with free food per month.

• Provides a birthday present for a specific Casa child.

• Win a free trip to Guatemala & Casa.

• Public recognition as an Exclusive Partner including a plaque for your office.

Become an Exclusive Partner by making an annual commitment to donate $100 per month via our online giving link. Once you’ve elected this option, we will automatically add you to the EXP list and you will immediately begin receiving information regarding your partnership. *All donations are tax-deductible.

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