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Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

God gives each of us a mission field, actually several mission fields.

For the 23 of us, we heard the call to “go” and we said “yes.”

One word-one yes-changed us in ways that 10 minutes or a million words can’t cover.

During our mission trip to Guatemala, my mission field was in Agua Escondida, Guatemala at

Maria’s house. Maria is a mom of 11 (I believe) She and her husband have a two room “house.” One side is an open room, the other they use as bedrooms.

A few years ago Maria’s husband began to read the Bible to his family. Maria’s husband cannot read. They prayed and trusted that God would guide them, help them understand. Maria’s husband would open the Word of God and read to his family, saying what only God gave them. They began to understand and believe. They spread the Gospel to their village friends and their children.

At one point a family from their village was building a house above them on the mountain. Someone stole all of the materials they had collected and now they had nowhere to go. Maria and her husband gave them half of their house. Not just any half, but the half that the new stove had been installed by Hands of Hope International (HOHI). Maria’s family shared their home with another family because it was simply the right thing to do.

Today, every Thursday HOHI goes to minister in Augas. Maria opens up her home to women and children from her village and surrounding ones. They sometimes begin coming for the rice bags or the other donations, but they are fed the Word of God. Maria’s son even built an area on the side of the mountain for a place to host bible study for children.

Through a translator, and by the grace of God I was able to go and speak to the women about Jesus. Revelations 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” I witnessed to them the power of saying yes.

This yes, to go to Guatemala has confirmed a call of God in my life. To serve in the various

mission fields Jesus has called me to.

If you are a child of God, you are called to “go.” It might be domestic or foreign. It might be to foster care, jail, your workplace, your own home and family. Some are called to serve in a physical presence, in prayer, by financial support, to move, or to “go” and sell all you have. The question is not, Am I called? The question is will I say YES? As much as that was my mission field, I was their mission field. The people of Guatemala live below the global poverty line. They have so little by our standards. But they are kind, joyful and generous. They are so thankful for their homes and families. They are content. And my heart needs so much more of that. I needed Jesus to show me what I couldn’t see. We said yes to this beautiful call. It cost each of us something. We left behind pieces of ourselves and the heart of Jesus. It is my desire to say yes over and over again. As much as I want to share this with you, I want to thank you. Your prayers, donations, support of our fundraisers-made you a part of this story. Lives were forever changed because you said yes to something that made our yes possible.

I would like to share one last thing. Hands of Hope international has a sponsorship program. On their website they have kids, many from Aguas that stole my heart, that can be sponsored for $42/month. You get quarterly updates and the opportunity to visit them is real. OR I can go and send you pictures!

You can be a part of many missions in whatever capacity God calls you to. Please don’t stop

saying yes!

Cassie Davis, PGCC Mission Team - Summer 2023 Testimonial

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