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Prayer of Rest

My God, my Refuge

The very thought of Your infinite serenity gives me joy; For I am constantly toiling, troubled and distressed, but You are forever at perfect peace.

Your design causes You no fear or care of unfulfilment; You stand along the eternal hills and oversee all of the valleys.

Your power knows no bond, Your goodness no hold. You bring complete order out of confusion, and my defeats are Your victories. Lord, You are omnipotent and reign forever.

I come to You as a sinner with cares and sorrows, who is tired and restless to leave every concern I have at Your feet. My sin calling for Christ’s blood, revive me spiritually deep within my heart. Let me live near to the Great Shepherd, so I hear His voice, know the tones and follow the call.

Keep me from deception by causing me to abide in the truth; help me walk fully in the power of the Spirit. Give me a more intense faith by experience of the things I know; Let me to never be ashamed of the truth of the gospel, that I may bear it’s reproach and see Jesus as it’s essence.

Lord, help me, for I am often lukewarm and chill, unbelief and doubt overtake my confidence with sin causing me to forget about You.

Let the weeds that grow in my soul be pulled up from the roots; Grant me hope that I live in You and You in me; knowing all others things are minuscule and have no relevance towards eternity.

Your presence alone can make me holy, devout, strong and focused. Abide in me Lord.

Give me rest for my weary soul.


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