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What are we doing?!

Well that’s a good question... and honestly it’s ok, we get that a lot. “What are you doing?” is one of the most frequent questions we get asked about our upcoming transition.
Starting in 2020, we will be serving as full-time missionaries in Guatemala at Casa Aleluya, a children's home to more than 400 abandoned and abused children from all over the country of Guatemala.  Casa is a Christ-centered ministry that includes both a physical home and spiritual covering for abandoned, orphaned and abused children by providing food, shelter, clothing, education and spiritual discipleship. 
The primary vision for Casa and its missionaries is to impart the love of Jesus Christ to broken innocence and create an equipped follower of Jesus who is transformed into a powerful witness of God's grace and mercy to the world. 
We will be serving as the parents/overseers of the ‘Baby Dorm’ which houses and cares for babies up through toddler aged children. Our daily tasks will be many that includes ensuring the schedule is fulfilled, assisting with the needs of the children, overseeing the our assistants/helpers and even direct care to those children in our area. This dorm can house a little as 30 babies all the way up into the 80+ range. It is a huge task but we are excited about the opportunity.
We invite you to read, learn and get involved with what the Lord is doing in and through this ministry. I have provided a link below that directs you to our Casa website page.
Please continue to cover our transition in prayer.

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