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Word of the Year

Choosing a ‘Word for the Year’ can be challenging but many of us find it more rewarding than setting a new year resolution.

Unfortunately for many people the average number of days you stick with your new resolution is only 35. So what can you do that will make a profound impact on your year and is something you will continue to do, even if you forget a day or two... or three?

This word will become your focal point during the year. Every time you hear it, you’re reminded of why you chose it. Look up different studies on this word to learn more about it. Even write it down in several places that you’ll see each day.

New Year - New Word - New You

Choosing a specific word can be extremely transformative with a challenge area in your life. Instead of setting a goal for something you do (like a New Year Resolution), this word is something you see, think about and meditate on - resulting in something that you do consistently.

A great example would be the word ‘gratitude’ or ‘discipline’. Of course we all want to be more thankful and get in better shape. But how long does it really last? When we make this our word, it actually teaches us about what we want to do. After we learn more about it, we start to naturally do it.

For Christians, having a word to focus on all year long will also allow God to work in particular areas of your life more than He ever has. God will give you this word at random times to help teach you, show you, change you.

Never tried it, no problem... here are some easy tips on choosing your word:

• Reflect (reflect on the key areas of your life that you would like to experience growth in or areas that you want to recognize more of God in)

• Record (write down all of them that come to mind)

• Review (prioritize the list)

• Refine (choose the one that finds its way to the top of your list)

Pray and ask God to confirm this word and get ready for an amazing year allowing Him to work in your life!

So, what is your “Word” for 2023?

We would love for you to share your ‘word’ with us so we can pray over it for you this year 👇🏼 post it in the comments below.

New Year - New Word - New You

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Dec 31, 2022


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